Our collection is based on what is available for the season, and we want to give our customers fresh plants and tubers. Some items can therefore be sold out or have a waiting list. All plants have been imported with a phytosanitary document. Some are home grown. When you buy from us you are able to see what size you buy, which is not always the case when you buy online.


Our special pots are handmade in Sweden and made in only one edition each.



Initially everything started with a paternity leave and the Instagram account @jungle.dept which was a hobby dairy for my plants. When I accidentally came across an image of a Stephania Erecta plant, I immediately knew I needed one. So I ordered two bulbs which then became the starting point of Jungle Department as a company; acquiring these two bulbs was harder and much more expensive than I first thought, but I realized it didn’t have to be.

Jungle Department now provide urban jungle growers, crazy plant ladies and less obsessed plant lovers with exotic plants from around the world. We ship the bulb or plant with our own soil mix and germination instructions, we try to make the experience of growing so easy a 3 year old could do it. However, plants are as individual and different as you and me, which means no plants look alike, some are easy growers and some are late bloomers. Treat them with respect and have patience and they will love you back.

Plant it, nurse it, love it.

Jungle Department

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Stephania Erecta images: ©Yichirou Taguchi / @putti_tag

Pyllanthus and Firmiana image: @carrot12342000

Stephania Suberosa image: @efrenleung

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