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Stephania erecta bulb



Firstly, the best way to grow your bulb is not to force it to come out of dormancy, and instead let it work its own way. This can take a couple of weeks and up to a year.

That said, we all know how we are with a newly acquired plant; "Show me what you got, plant!" We want it to grow. So here are some tips and some caring instructions. Consider these instructions as guidelines and not rules. All surroundings are different, like how dry the air in your home, the tempetature, how much light, and so on.

Here you can find help how to get your plants going

Stephania Family

erecta, suberosa, kaweesakii, cepheranta, glabra

How to grow Stephania Erecta

Phyllanthus Mirabilis

Firmiana Colorata

Out of Dormancy:

Phyllanthus Mirabilis and Firmiana/Sterculia Colorata are easier to sprout than the Stephania family. You can simply put them in a pot with the medium and wait a month. Usually sprouts quite quickly. If not, try to get them some humid.

Out of Dormancy:

There are several ways to get your Stephania sprout. Important though is humid and temperature. Stephanias are from Thailand and they are growing in a very humid climate. So we try to replicate that. You can try a dome or a plastic bag, with a heating matte to get the humid up. In good conditions, spring - summer, with temperatures around 25 to 30 degrees, they will sprout in 2-3 weeks. Its important to keep an eye so the bulb doesn't rot. Air it out or open up the bag every day. Personally the plastic bag haven't been that succesfull. Third way is to use Sphagnum moss. Put the bulb ontop of the wet moss and leav it until it grow roots, then pot it in your medium. Fourth way is to use light expanded clay aggregate. Lay the bulb ontop the LECA and water, in a jar, and the roots will begin to grow downwards towards the water. Again: warmth is prefered.

Personally I feel Suberosa, Ceraphanta and Glabra is much easier to get to sprout than the other two. I have simply put them in a pot with medium and let them take their time. They all sprouted in 3 weeks to 2 months.

General caring:

Phyllanthus Mirabilis, Stephania Family, Firmiana Colorata

Asset 42.png

Fill the pot with the soil mix. Put your bulb in the soil-filled pot, with the stem facing up and the root facing down. On Phyllanthus and Firmiana bulbs there might be several root ends. The soil should come up to the ”bulb belly” - the widest part of the bulb. 

Asset 45.png

Make sure you plant your bulb in a well draining soil mix. I use 50% premade cactus soil, and 50% mix of pumice, scoria and coconut fibre (These 50% could be replaced with perlite). This will avoid root rot and keep your plant happy. Fertilise monthly.

Asset 44.png

Preferably, place the pot where the plant can get alot of light. But south facing windowsill could be a little too much and might burn the leafs. Store your plant in shade during dormancy.

Asset 46.png

Watering depends on your surroundings, if it is kept in- or outdoors, if your soil mix has good drainage, and such. With good drainage, water when the soil is dry. If your plant goes into dormancy, water once a month.

Stephania Erecta plant
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